Saturday, 27 August 2016

Aug 2016 showcase

It's showtime! Prepare to be amazed as we march around the restaurants of some of my lovely neighbours and feast our eyes on the glorious designs which have been conjured up.

This particular showcase has five participants, with two first timers joined by three old hands. There's a nice spread of diners coming up here as we approach the end of the summer, so let's hit the road and get rolling!

And after a lazy lie-in, all roads lead to the beach at A Quilted Café.

A Quilted Café

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Game update: 24/08/16

It's a box week in Restaurant Story which might mean no content for coins, but it does mean eight new floor decorations!

Notification for Nursery Crate

The Nursery Crate is a 24 gem investment, and for every purchase you'll receive one of the eight prizes at random. As per usual, your odds of getting the bigger and better items are long, so be wary of taking the gamble!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Laboratory goals content report

It's goals content report time, with many players now finished with the new goal set released alongside last week's laboratory themed update.

Usually I power straight into the prizes provided by the quest, but in this case we have to discuss the structure of the goals themselves. For a start the first of the fresh appliances was available to purchase prior to completing any of the goal steps. This is not unheard of, although it does usually mean within a few hours that Storm8 hastily attach a padlock and apologise for making an uncharacteristic error.

On this occasion there was no such admittance of guilt, with the game's developers seeing a chemistry theme as the ideal excuse to mix things up. And that they most certainly did. In addition to the Food Lab Oven being available from the off, it didn't require any construction. This all set off my Storm8 cock-up sirens, but it turned out that both of the new parts were reserved for the second cooker, the Food Lab Stove.

More on that later, but what of the little circles indicating progression through the main strand of the goals?