Thursday, 18 January 2018

Second New Year 2018 goals content report

With us all back into the daily grind the New Year celebrations now seem like another world away. So let's wrap up the party with a review of the batch of goals we received on the 2nd.

Introduction to second New Year 2018 goals

This was of course the second New Year based update for 2018, although unlike the first this one was a full 15 day effort and focused a little more on the aftermath, with everyone setting resolutions for the upcoming year.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

RS2 News (Jan 2018)

It's time for my first monthly moan of 2018 on the topic of Restaurant Story 2. In fairness it's been a fairly active month in the sequel game, with two new cruise events and two batches of goals from Lani.

But we begin with the winter cruise event which kicked off just before my previous news post at the start of December. Although the content available via this challenge wasn't new, it was the first time it had featured in a cruise event, which is more than can be said for most of the cruises in recent times.

Yancy the Yeti was the special guest we were aiming to unlock, and I did so after a four gem spend on the final day to force a restock of Potatoes. Otherwise it was a reasonably comfortable one for me, although as has become customary the wait for Yancy to show his face was less comfortable. I tend to find that a new visitor appears very infrequently early on - that could be because there are now so many special guests, but it could also be an underlying issue in the game's mechanics.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Year in review 2017

It was a long and rocky journey but we reached the end of another year in Restaurant Story. There's been high points and low points, but as we head into 2018 the game is still chugging along, even if a few splutters can be heard.

The year began with four consecutive updates of the winter variety, which included the Winter Animals crate and two goal sets. The first of these came with only eight days on the clock, while the second afforded us 15 days. In both cases it was unprecedented - quests had always been stretched out over three or four weeks, giving us plenty of time to unlock all the hidden goodies and start work on mastering the new recipes.

Items from second winter goal set as shown on Storm8 Blog

It was the start of things to come. Every goal set since has provided at most 15 days for completion, with a few mini editions giving as little as five days. It's been a hugely significant change in the game's dynamic, with plenty of occasions throughout the last 12 months where players have been unable to finish a quest before the deadline. The shorter goals have laterally involved the focus being placed upon a particular appliance of yesteryear, with new recipes added and high demands in the accompanying tasks.