Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Halloween 2016 goals (in full)

Halloween has hit Restaurant Story! We're dusting on the cobwebs with a new set of goals which came with the most recent update.

There are three floor decorations which are only available by completing the numerous steps of the quest, as well as an appliance and five recipes. Not to worry though - you've got 30 days to complete the lot, meaning that the expected end date is Thursday 17th November.

Here is the complete list of steps for 'Wicked Halloween':

Game update: 19/10/16

The October goals week has rolled around, and that can mean only one thing...

Introduction to 'Wicked Halloween' goals

Technically Halloween landed in Restaurant Story a fortnight ago with that incredible sale, but there's a more formal and official feel to it all when the quest finally drops, and today's the day!

As usual most of the content in the update can be purchased right away (from level 12 in this case), but to access the three floor decorations you'll need to work through the goals - details specific to those can be found in a dedicated post here. In the mean time, here's the lowdown on the Halloween additions:

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The art of parts

I'm overdue a breakdown of the appliance parts which are in and out of fashion, so here's a bonus post addressing that!

First up a brief summary of the findings when I last poured over the numbers in February. That occasion was the first in which a new part with every cooker was the norm, and it meant only a small pool of parts featured more than once. However they did so heavily, with the Mallet popping up on more than half of all new appliances. The Iron Press and Brass Diverter were also in high demand, making these three the unofficially most useful part to gift.

But that was then, and this is now. The following analysis takes in every new appliance introduced since the start of March this year, and so accounts for over seven months of data. Note that any re-released appliances (such as those included as part of the Halloween goals re-release recently) are not included - we're looking purely at completely new appliances.