Saturday, 24 June 2017

Suggestions Box (Jun 2017)

Every month I list five things I'd like to see added, altered or abolished from the game. Because even though my long time of playing Restaurant Story clearly shows I love it, that doesn't mean it's perfect. Some of the ideas I'll air will be significant game changers while others will be low-key and irrelevant in the eyes of many of you readers.

You can share your own suggestions too via the comments. If I like them, I may even include them in the next instalment!

In no particular order, here are this month's entries...

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Water park goals content report

Many players will have by now dried off after diving into the water park themed goals released alongside last week's update. I'm actually not one of them, but soon will be as I make my way through the final step. So it's about time I delivered some thoughts on the various content accessed via the goals.

The first item unlocked in the quest is the Bite Sized Oven. A fairly dull looking appliance, this oven is one of the few which falls into the realistic category. There's no quirky colour scheme at play here - it's just a standard contraption. To build it you need 9 Springs, 9 Pieces of Foil and 9 Lifeguard Whistles, with the last of these a new part.

Lifeguard Whistle and Water Park Tickets

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Water park goals (in full)

Trunks and goggles ready? They better be because the latest update gives us the chance to bring the water park to our restaurants! And with it is a new set of goals which is the only way to get hold of three floor decorations, two appliances and six recipes.

There are 15 days to complete this particular quest, which means that Tuesday 27th June is the expected cut-off date. If you don't finish the goals by then you stand to miss out on exclusive content.

Here is the (incomplete) list of steps: