Saturday, 21 October 2017

Popcorn goals (in full)

What an opportunity this is for players who either weren't around or weren't able to complete the carnival themed goals in July 2013. For five days only, a short goal set gives everyone the opportunity to use the Popcorn Maker, unlock three new recipes on board it, and obtain the Ferris Wheel, a 3x3 sized floor decoration.

With only five days available from the release, this quest is expected to expire on Tuesday 24th October 2017. So get popping!

Here is the complete list of steps, which is entitled 'Feelin Poppy!':

Game update: 19/10/17

On Thursday evening the Halloween goals expired, but Storm8 didn't wait long to bring back the clipboard.

Notification for popcorn themed update

That very same night a new quest was introduced, with this being a short five day event that will satisfy many a request from the players down the years. This is a goal set designed specifically to give everyone who wasn't able to complete a previous challenge an opportunity to get hold of an appliance that was involved as well as the final prize.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

RS2 News (Oct 2017)

It's been a while now since my previous round-up of the activity in Restaurant Story 2, so let the discussion commence.

This is perfectly summarised by a new collection of goals from Lani (the 21st edition) which followed the same structure and procedure as always. I am now set in my ways with Lani and her boring tasks - I complete the gold stamp goal and ignore the two silver stamp goals. Strangely the gold stamp goal is typically the simplest of the three, with the difficulty I suppose attributed to the shorter time-frame. But with the flexibility to choose our own start point this is generally an easy gold stamp.

Something needs to change with stamp accumulation. Lani has very much run her course and with more and more long standing players likely to be mastering all the stamp recipes, I think Storm8 need to be thinking about applying some innovation. Stamps can usually be gained from cruise events, but something more substantial is needed to freshen things up. And preferably not involving dear old Lani.