Saturday, 14 January 2017

Winter 2017 goals content report

What's this? A goals content report released on a Saturday, the day it was traditionally designed to be released?!

Yes, after Storm8 pushed through a new set of goals on Wednesday I've been working my little socks off to get them done and dusted in order to present you with the lowdown on all the goodies unearthed along the way as soon as possible.

Of course this isn't strictly true. This latest quest is what I like to call innovative, with only six steps and eight days to get through them. This is in stark contrast to the typical monthly challenges which traditionally consist of nine steps and can be sauntered through over the course of a month. Consequently I was able to finish in less than 48 hours, and thus bring you this report all the sooner.

So what do we make of this change in tact? I was positive about it in Wednesday's update post, and I'm standing by that buoyant mood. I've been the first to criticise the staleness of the existing goals format, with the requirements in each step the same from quest to quest. This alternative style is a little different just because of the shorter length, and it's refreshing.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Winter 2017 goals (in full)

I hope you're wrapped up warm because the latest update brought with it a blast of frosty air and some new goals.

In a Restaurant Story first, this quest is available for only eight days from its release, which means it is expected to expire on Thursday 19th January. So with an appliance, three recipes and three floor decorations to be unlocked, waste no time and get moving!

Here is the complete list of goal steps:

Game update: 11/01/17

Brrrrr! It sure is cold, and it's only going to get chillier as we bring the slippery ice inside our restaurants.

Introduction to winter 2017 goals

As was the case with the last couple of quests, the goals for January have arrived on the second Wednesday of the month. But there's a significant twist - we only have eight days to complete them. This is unprecedented in Restaurant Story, and obviously leaves a number of unanswered questions.