Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Game update: 15/04/15

Earth Day is next Wednesday, and this update gives you a chance to get set for the occasion!

Notification for Earth Day update

This is very much a decorative update, with all of the additions being either wall or floor decorations.

Android players are set for a new app for this update - keep an eye out for that at some point this week, as well as an in-game goal for downloading it.

Update: It's here! 'Restaurant Story: Earth Day' is on Google Play now and the download goal is also in operation. Thanks to Whipped Cream for the tip!

Here are all of the new items in list form, with everything unlocked at level 11:

Saturday, 11 April 2015

RS2 News (Apr 2015)

After much pondering I've decided to cover Restaurant Story's sequel game - Restaurant Story 2 - on a regular basis, although this will only come in the form of a monthly round-up of all the latest goings-on.

It's been six weeks since I posted the final part of my big fat review of RS2, and there's lots has happened since then. Perhaps most significantly, goals have made their entrance, with Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day and Easter all covered.

Let's begin the analysis with the Valentine's Day content. The very first set of goals, everything revolved around gathering Valentine cards from Frank, who was a frequent visitor to our diners. I say frequent, but as the timer ticked down on the goals lots of players found that Frank's visits just weren't coming often enough. Waiting for him patiently proved a great challenge for many!

The cards could be used to unlock recipes on the Valentine Oven, an appliance dedicated to the romantic theme.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Game update: 08/04/15

Has the weather not turned yet where you are? Then consider a trip to the Florida Keys!

Notification for Florida Keys update

There's quite the variety of stuff in this update, with all of it unlocked at level 10. Here is the comprehensive list...