Saturday, 12 April 2014

Introducing recipe ratings!

As regular readers will know, whenever new recipes are released, I tend to provide a commentary on their statistics before drawing some kind of conclusion about whether the dish is any good. Quite often these days this involves me descending into some superficial waffle for a few paragraphs before announcing that 'we've got a dud'.

So to provide some sharper analysis (and some sanity) to proceedings I've devised a method of giving a recipe a rating from 1 to 10. There are five contributing factors to this rating, each of which have a different level of influence on the overall rating. The following pie chart should give an idea of what I'm getting at:

Friday, 11 April 2014

The level 100 journey becomes insurmountable

If you're at level 99 then I suggest taking a look at your profile page. And brace yourself.

Previously it took one hundred million XP (100,000,000 XP) to move up to the coveted level 100. That was already borderline preposterous as it would take the average player quite literally decades to earn that amount of XP. However a select few who have ploughed huge amounts of money (I mean thousands of dollars/pounds) into the game have crossed the chasm and reached level 100.

However in the last couple of days, the level 100 club has been decimated, because the game's developers have changed the required XP to reach level 100 to one billion XP (1,000,000,000 XP). That's a hundred times more than before! Here's how it looked before and after the change...

Profile page for The Garlic Tree before XP change

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Game update: 09/04/14

With Easter less than two weeks away, we've got a new box to celebrate.

Notification for Easter update

The Easter Box costs 24 gems and when opened will give the player one of nine decorations at random, with the bigger and better prizes the more difficult to obtain.

Here's the distribution list of the box prizes: