Saturday, 20 September 2014

Suggestions Box (Sep 2014)

Every month I list five things I'd like to see added, altered or abolished from the game. Because even though my long time of playing Restaurant Story clearly shows I love it, that doesn't mean it's perfect. Some of the ideas I'll air will be significant game changers while others will be low-key and irrelevant in the eyes of many of you readers.

In no particular order, here are this month's entries...

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Game update: 17/09/14

Ever wanted to design a really cool kitchen area in your restaurant? Now you can!

Notification for latest update

This week's update is all about a box - the Classic Kitchen to be precise - which contains a variety of kitchen themed content. It costs 24 gems to buy the box, but there are some terrific items to win. Remember that purchasing the box only results in the awarding of one item at random, with the bigger and better pieces the most difficult to obtain.

The TeamLava Blog has got a picture with all the Classic Kitchen's goodies:

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Recipe ratings (10 hours)

Information in this post is correct as of Saturday 13th September 2014.

There are just four recipe rating posts to go, with this edition focusing on the 10 hour dishes.

There are 19 recipes of this duration up for discussion, with 12 of these freely available to all players. Five of the remainder are goal foods, so are only accessible to those who completed the relevant goals when they were around. The other two dishes are removed.

The 10 hour recipes are pretty useful for those with busy lives. I'm sure there are many who set them off on their appliances in the morning before they leave for work or school and then serve the food upon arriving home in the early evening. So it's a big recipe length to be the best in!