Sunday, 18 March 2018

The Wedding of Miss Parasol and Mr Fisher: Memory #4

We're inching ever closer to the big day for the Playful Parasol and Lake Fisher, and today we're looking back at a rather fun trip they had to a hard to find place.

On 1st September 2017 there were Harry Potter fans across the lands rejoicing at Epilogue Day - the day upon which the final words of the book series were set. And Miss Parasol and Mr Fisher got in on the fun with a visit to Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

Platform Nine and Three Quarters - September 2017

There they saw the Hogwarts Express (the Locomotive) letting off steam as the Train Conductor whistled on its way. One or two students including the Rose Seller and Jock were running rather late, but still had time to make their final goodbyes ahead of the long journey north.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Easter 2018 goals (in full)

Easter is almost here and to get ready for it why not take on a new batch of goals?!

This quest is a 15 day edition, which means it is expected to expire on Tuesday 27th March. Until then you have the opportunity to unlock a whopping six floor decorations, two appliances and six recipes, so let's get the egg rolling!

Here is the complete list of steps:
Bonus goals: 'Hoppin Mad' (unlocks after Step 4):

Game update: 13/03/18

Easter is fast approaching and Restaurant Story is marking this most cheery of events with a set of goals.

Introduction to Easter 2018 goals

It's the first time Easter has been covered in the game with new content since 2014, and well and truly ushers in the spring! Here's a full list of everything added:

  • Shell Table - 17,600 coins