Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Game update: 03/02/16

This Valentine's Day take your loved one somewhere really romantic, and do it via a boat trip!

We're closing in on Valentine's, and so the heat is being turned up with this nautical update. With 11 new items in all it looks pretty healthy at a glance. Here's the traditional list of fresh content, with everything unwrapped at level 26:

  • Heart Anchor - 5 gems
  • Love Boat Chair - 12,000 coins
Floor decorations:
  • Love Boat Cafe - 45 gems
  • Love Boat Treats - 20 gems
  • Love Boat Pup - 7 gems
  • Love Boat Crew - 65,000 coins
  • Little Love Boat - 40,000 coins

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Gazing into the future

It's now been well over five years since Restaurant Story was initially released, and nearly three years since I published my first post on this blog. In a sector where technology and trends move at lightning speed the game has done well to make it this far, but how much longer can it last?

This is a question the players have been pondering in the background for a fair time now, and recent activities have led to it clambering into the foreground. Here I am going to examine the evidence in a bid to thin the fog in my crystal ball.

The most obvious sign that the end may be approaching is obviously Restaurant Story 2.

Title screen for Restaurant Story 2

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Game update: 27/01/16

Restaurant Story is alive and kicking hard. There's a Greek themed update this week, but it's a limited time sale for Valentine's Day which hogs the headlines.

Notification for Valentine's Day sale

It's been a long time since there was a sale with a weekly update, so I need to find my bearings! We'll start by taking in the brand new stuff introduced pertaining to the Greek theme. Here's the list, with everything available from level 26: