Saturday, 22 November 2014

The expansion summit

When starting out in Restaurant Story, your diner is 7x9 in size and the first expansion costs 5,000 coins. It's the start of a rather imposing mountain, as we all continually strive to find the necessary footholds to grow our places outward.

I started playing in August 2012, and only now over two years later can I finally proclaim to be a member of that elusive club which has reached the summit. That's right, this week I made that momentous tap to initiate the final expansion!

Expansion to 23x26

Thursday, 20 November 2014

App update: 20/11/14

Out of the blue there's an app update available on iOS.

Restaurant Story app update on iTunes store

This is seemingly a Christmas themed update. However usually seasonal editions are completely separate apps from the main game, whereas this one is just an update to 1.7.3 of the usual version (note the name is simply 'Restaurant Story' with no mention of the festive season). It just happens to have all the bells and whistles of Christmas in both the thumbnail and the accompanying screenshots.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Game update: 19/11/14

We waited long enough for Autumn, and now there's a second consecutive update for the season.

Notification for latest Autumn 2014 update

Unlike the goals last week, this one is a regular update, with a range of content across the categories available for a mixture of coins and gems. Here's the list of all the new items: